Team Kaizen

Robots Live! Stevenage October 2017

Hey Everyone!

With the rebuild of The Honey Badger 2.0 completed, we were aching to get it tested after having to miss the Featherweight championships. Having got to Stevenage for about 11am ish (after setting off from home at 6am!) and since everyone was still setting up the arena, I offered to help out. A little tip, building an arena is heavy work, I was sure I lost a few pounds in doing that! Whilst I was working on the arena with Dave (Cracker n' Smash), the other teams arrived and towards the 3pm start time, I finally got the arena bolted together and promptly set up the The Honey Badger 2.0 on a table.

I took The Honey Badger 2.0 into the arena once it was set-up and tech checked to make sure it was behaving itself as Grantham was still ringing in my ears where I am sure it grounded out at one point on the floor. Despite some odd transmitter switching issues, The Honey Badger drove reasonably well, much, much faster than 1.0 drove and seemed to hold traction fine in a straight line. The announcers came over as well to check out the robots - one in particular seemed very excited about the use of tupperware in the robot. I am sure he mentioned this for every melee.

The Featherweight matches are usually exhibition melees in between the Heavyweight fights and this time was no exception. After the health and safety briefing, the show started and quickly, it came to the Featherweight Melee I. Having not been in a proper fight since Grantham, nerves did build a bit but with that in hand, we got the 3... 2... 1... and away we went.

Oops. :P The robot drove fine, it is just the squishy meat thing controlling the robot the screwed up. We ended up with some scuff marks but nothing drastically wrong... except for the motor mounts which had come loose. I did undo the side panels and rescrew them back on.

Melee II was... well watch this:

A crashing encounter there. BattleAxe's hammer made very little of an impression on the shell but being thrown out of the arena cracked the chassis. I got told (possibly during the fight) that the wheels had angled up and were not getting any traction. The fact that I really couldn't get it to move properly certainly didn't help. Oh, and this had to happen when family was watching this show!

A quick rebuild of the robot quickly ensued. Nearly every screw and bolt on the outside was bent in some way, the wooden crossmembers were also cracked and ruined. The electrics survived though so it all went back together relatively quickly and was ready by the end of the show.

Melee III on the Sunday was the next fight. The motor mounts had been bent back into shape and it kinda-sorta paid off as it did move a little better than Melee II but still nowhere near as good as Melee I. I eventually got flipped over by Team Shock on this one. I also added a front tongue to help push competitors out of the way but it wasn't of much use.

Melee IV was the last Featherweight match and this wasn't a long one for the Badger... the curse of the motor mounts returned and again, no traction on the now decidedly chewed up floor. You can hear the announcer making reference to the Tupperware box again from 0:24 into the video.

With the Melees done, all that there was left to do was watch the Heavyweight finals, congratulations to Manta for winning the event! We are looking to bring Kaizen next year, so watch out! As a final thing, I love this image of Gabriel towering over the Featherweights. No idea why, just do.