Team Kaizen

2017 in review

With the competition season now over for 2017, I think it is time to review Team Kaizen's performance over 2017.

With this being our first year of competing and generally just building competitive fighting robots, our win/loss performance has been... sketchy. The Honey Badger has been our only competitive entry and after entering 16 melee fights this year, has only survived 2 of them. A lot of these losses come from poor driving into the pit (I can think of at least 2) and more being flipped on the side/back. Expect...

We also built Osu who technically is an Antweight but doesn't meet the 4 inch cube rule.

Next year we will be fighting at the UWE Beetleweight event with Shu! and will be driven by another member of the team rather than myself. Osu will be rebuilt as a legal Antweight but won't be the main focus of the team. Kaizen will be our major focus for this year and then, if we have money/time, potentially a Lightweight as well.

We will also be focusing on branding the team and learning how to drive properly.

See you all in 2018!