Team Kaizen

Ant Freeze 5

2018 is the start of a new year and a new weight class for Team Kaizen in the Antweight division. We had built Osu 1.0 previously but with Antweights, they need to fit inside a 4 inch cube and it didn't. So the robot was rebuilt into the oh-so-orginally named Osu 2.0. To be honest, it had been a trial. Not only did the Skittles shell need a lot of adapting to fit, it kept on coming apart and there was a small incident with one of the speed controllers catching fire and 2 motors seizing up due to my overzealous gluing. It was a miracle we made it in the first place.

Anyway, a trip to Birmingham and I was the first one there! After a few folks turned up, the arena was finally stood up and pit tables laid out. About an hour or so, most of the Antweight competitors turned up so the tech checks got underway. After a bit of jiggery, Osu 2.0 fit into the box and passed the weight limit check! I was sooooo relieved...

...and then I found out I was up against Baby Hell in the first match, which was a bit ironic because the next week at the Beelteweight Brawl, I'll be fighting in the same heat as the owner of Baby Hell as well. Anyway, prior to the fight, I had a chance to try out Osu 2.0 in the arena to make sure the controls were as good as they could be. Sadly, they were pretty bad. The fire with the speed controller had killed the mixer on its way and the replacement motor was a different ratio to the original, so the robot went around in circles.

Didn't really matter much in the end...

Ah well, nevermind. I ended up watching a whole load of group stage fights and then all of a sudden, I was back in the arena! Turned out it there was a losers bracket. I don't have a video of this but it was my first time against a clusterbot and ended up in the pit.

After the group stages were finished, we had some lunch and a rambot rumble happened. Again, I didn't record it but someone else did.

(Note, putting your hand into a live arena is never a good thing)

Anyway, with that out of the way, the fights continued and to the surprise of the owner, Baby Hell won the entire event! We then moved onto the side events, one of which was a Nuts side event, where you have to collect plastic nuts into a corner for you to score points. Osu 2.0 went in the second round and... lost. I say "lost", it came 4th... out of 4. Yeah, Osu 2.0 is both too slow, a pain to control and generally not very good. That being said, it didn't get flipped over this time so a plus? :P

After all that there was some spinner madness, a 22 robot rumble and a Nanoweight melee which was perhaps the most anticlimactic thing I've seen. Funny as heck to watch though. I thoughly enjoyed it but Osu is going to be retired after this. Fun as it is to look at, it is a pain to keep it together and it uses a LiFePO4 battery which, at this weight class, eats into the weight allowance big style. I started designing the replacement Ikari at the event and hope to have it built reasonably soon (but not before Kaizen).