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  1. Ikari
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Following Osu's defeats at Ant Freeze 5, the robot was deemed to be non-competitive and so a new Antweight was designed at the event, forming the basis of Ikari - a vertical spinner. It is this robot that will hopefully make it in the Antweight World Series.


Ikari is going to be a 2WD drive vertical bar spinner.

Competed in

Please note, the number of Wins, Draws and Losses are counted only if a winner is declared in the match in a FRA compliant competition. Typically, this does not include exhibition matches or any underground matches. In the event of exhibition melees, a survived/eliminated count is kept instead.
Date Event Version used Battle Type(s) Wins/Losses/Draws
? ? ? ? ?


General specification

Where minor updates are noted, they'll be listed in the same row as the major version but noted as to which specification is which. If there isn't a specific one, the data remains the same between versions.
Version Speed Power Drive motors Weight (category) Dimensions (l x w x h) Armour Status
1.0 ? ? 2x 56:1 Solarbotics micromotors ? (Antweight) ? 1mm HDPE In Design

Weapon specification

Version Weapon(s) Primary Weapon drive Primary Weapon weight (per FRA rules) Primary Weapon speed
1.0 Vertical bar spinner ? ? ?