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After The Honey Badger 1.0 had been built and subsequently trashed, the notion of building a Heavyweight sprung to mind. We decided to call our planned Heavyweight Kaizen after the team name. At the moment, Kaizen is in the design/planning stages. We aim to have Kaizen ready for the FRA UK heavyweight championships in Stevenage 2018.


Kaizen is likely to take the form of a 2WD robot, possibly constructed out of thick HDPE. Given the robot name, we are planning interchangeable weaponry from the outset.

Competed in

Please note, the number of Wins, Draws and Losses are counted only if a winner is declared in the match in a FRA compliant competition. Typically, this does not include exhibition matches or any underground matches. In the event of exhibition melees, a survived/eliminated count is kept instead.
Date Event Version used Battle Type(s) Wins/Losses/Draws
September 2018 Robots Live! Stevenage - FRA Heavyweight Championships 2018 ? ? ?


General specification

Where minor updates are noted, they'll be listed in the same row as the major version but noted as to which specification is which. If there isn't a specific one, the data remains the same between versions.
Version Speed Power Drive motors Weight (category) Dimensions (l x w x h) Armour Status
1.0 ? 2x 9.9v 2.1ah 30/40c LiFePO4 batteries (wired in series) 2x 500w MY1016 scooter motors ? (Heavyweight) ? ? Building

Weapon specification

Version Weapon(s) Primary Weapon drive Primary Weapon weight (per FRA rules) Primary Weapon speed
1.0 ? ? ? ?