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Osu is a Antweight robot, built largely as a technical exercise to see if Team Kaizen could build a Antweight (max weight 150g) within a day. All the frame and armour components are recycled from a old sweets tub and a chopped wooden whiteboard frame. After this was achieved, Osu is to be rebuilt using some of the original components into a legal (that is, fits within a 4 inch cube) Antweight to hopefully compete in the Antweight world series.


Osu 1.0
Osu is a two wheel drive robot not based on anything in particular although given the name (Japanese for Push), we may look to incorporate a similar design to Punjar or La Machine.

Competed in

Please note, the number of Wins, Draws and Losses are counted only if a winner is declared in the match in a FRA compliant competition. Typically, this does not include exhibition matches or any underground matches. In the event of exhibition melees, a survived/eliminated count is kept instead.
Date Event Version used Battle Type(s) Wins/Losses/Draws
February 2018 Ant Freeze 5 2.0 Group 1 Heat - Osu vs Baby Hell
Group 1 Losers Bracket - Osu vs Stoink and Friends
Nuts side event - Osu vs Doktor Power 8 vs NEA vs Seasonal Affective Disorder Espresso
13 points - 4th
November 2017 Extreme Robots Maidstone 1.0 N/A (technical demonstration only) N/A (technical demonstration only)


General specification

Where minor updates are noted, they'll be listed in the same row as the major version but noted as to which specification is which. If there isn't a specific one, the data remains the same between versions.
Version Speed Power Drive motors Weight (category) Dimensions (l x w x h) Armour Status
2.0 < 1mph 1x 2S LiFePO4 700 m/ah battery 1x 298:1 6v micro gear motor and 1x 100:1 6v micro gear motor (?) 149.6g (Antweight) ? 1mm Polypropylene and 12mm softwood Active
1.0 < 1mph 1x 2S LiFePO4 700 m/ah battery 2x 298:1 6v micro gear motors 150g (Antweight) 175mm x 110mm x 65mm 1mm Polypropylene and 12mm softwood Retired

Weapon specification

Version Weapon(s) Primary Weapon drive Primary Weapon weight (per FRA rules) Primary Weapon speed
2.0 Dozer scoop N/A N/A N/A
1.0 Dozer scoop N/A N/A N/A